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Use the included "Demo Application" for details on features and code example. The Notification controls includes the following:
  • Help Balloon
    • MVVM Support.
    • Has two types, "Help" and "Information". Each has its own icon and color scheme.
    • Recognizes multiple screen boundaries and will react accordingly.
    • Properties:
      • Title - Optional bold, underlined title of the balloon.
      • Caption
      • BalloonType (Help/Information/Warning)
      • MaxHeight - Will auto display vertical scrollbars if content exceeds height.
      • MaxWidth - Sets the maximum width of the control. This can be helpful if "AutoWidth" stretches the control.
      • AutoWidth - The default width is 250. When this property is set, the text will not wrap.
    • Fades in when the mouse is over the Help image.
    • Opacity remains at 1 while mouse over.
    • When mouse leaves the window, the window will fade and close when opacity reaches 0.
    • The height auto sizes to the content.
    • The Help Balloon will present itself on the right side by default and will shift to the left if extends past the screen.
    • Can "attach" a Balloon to any control.
    • Optionally show "Close" button.
    • Code Example:
      • Add this attribute to your Window
        • xmlns:Notification="clr-namespace:Mantin.Controls.Wpf.Notification;assembly=Mantin.Controls.Wpf.Notification"
      • XAML Tag
        • <Notification:HelpBalloon Caption="{Binding HelpText}" BalloonType="{Binding BalloonType}" MaxHeight="{Binding MaxHeight}"/>
  • Toast Popup
    • Loads in the bottom right of the screen.
    • Uses animation to fade in and fade out.
    • Opacity remains at 1 while mouse over
    • The height auto sizes to the content.
    • Toast will stack on top of each other and will stack left if they reach the top of the screen.
    • As the toast close, they will fall to the bottom of the screen.
    • Has a close button (raises event).
    • Will fade out after a couple of seconds.
    • If the user mouses over the window, the opacity will return to 1.
    • Windows closes when opacity reaches 0.
    • Constructors accept:
      • Title - Title of your pop up.
      • Text - Content of the message to the user. Also includes the ability to pass in a List<Inline> for rich text.
      • Hyperlink - (Optional) Text to display as a hyperlink (raises event when clicked.
      • Ability to override the image.
      • Notification Types:
        • Information
        • Warning
        • Error
    • Other Properties:
      • FontColor
      • BorderBrush
      • Background
      • MaxToast
    • Code Example:
      •             // This example shows how to register the available events
                    var toast = new ToastPopUp(
                        "My Title",
                        "This is the main content.",
                        "Click this Hyperlink",
                    // This is what will be passed back through the HyperlinkClicked event.
                    toast.HyperlinkObjectForRaisedEvent = new object(); 
                    toast.HyperlinkClicked += this.ToastHyperlinkClicked;
                    toast.ClosedByUser += this.ToastClosedByUser;
                    // Passing rich text as inlines and overrides the image.
                    var inlines = new List<Inline>();
                    inlines.Add(new Run() { Text = "This is the first line of my main content." });
                    inlines.Add(new Run() { Text = Environment.NewLine });
                    inlines.Add(new Run("This text will be italic.") { FontStyle = FontStyles.Italic });
                    new ToastPopUp(title, inlines, HyperLinkText, Properties.Resources.data_disk.ToBitmapImage());
                    // If you don't need any events fired, you can do this.
                    new ToastPopUp("My Title", "This is the main content.", NotificationType.Information)
                        Background = new LinearGradientBrush(Color.FromArgb(255, 4, 253, 82), Color.FromArgb(255, 10, 13, 248), 90),
                        BorderBrush = new SolidColorBrush(Color.FromRgb(0, 0, 0)),
                        FontColor = new SolidColorBrush(Color.FromArgb(255, 255, 255, 255))

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