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Project Description
This project is a compilation of three controls Enum Combobox, Toast Popups and Help Balloons.

NuGet Packages

PM> Install-Package Mantin.Controls.Wpf.Notification

PM> Install-Package Mantin.Controls.Wpf.EnumComboBox

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This project was created as an alternative to providing feedback to the user without a message box. I choose to do so by creating "Toast" that popup on the bottom of the screen, stack and fade away.


The second control in this library is a "Help Balloon". The intent is to put next to a control and when the user hovers over, it will display some helpful text, then fade away.

The new EnumComboBox allows you to directly bind an enum.



<enumComboBox:EnumComboBox EnumType="{x:Type demoApplication:Status}" SelectedValue="{Binding Status}" />

I've also included a simple demo application that that shows how to use the library which is available in the "Source Code" tab.

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